Radon is one of the chemically elements that exists naturally and is formed mainly as a product of radioactive decay of other radioactive chemicals such as uranium. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that exists in the air all around the buildings, houses and even underground water. This gas, can be inhaled with the rest of the mixture of gases that is present in air. Unlike the naturally occuring gases in air like oxygen, this gas is a hazard to health and needs to be removed for a healthy living environment. The gas is an irritant to lungs and the entire respiratory system, with epidemiological evidence clearly proving a link between the incidence of lung cancer and the concentration of Radon in air (over a particular area).

What is radon mitigation?

Radon mitigation is a process, technique or a method that either eliminates completely, or reduces the amount of Radon present in air or water.

Radon mitigation of water supplies

Radon Mitigation Milwaukee of domestic water supplies can involve any one of the two techniques, aeration and absorption by activated charcoal or other forms of carbon. It can be achieved by a treatment plant at the point of entry or the point of use of water. In case of the first process, Aeration removes radon from air and displaces it into the air. Which is not very ideal since radon in air poses a bigger threat than in water. The second system uses activated charcoal granules or other carbon products to absord radon gas, this is then disposed properly as radioactive waste.

Radon mitigation of breathing zones around buildings and homes

This is done by using better ventilation systems. An exhaust fan and a vent pipe system is used to pump radon filled air from below the house to the outside. There are numerous methods that can be used in this case, but it mainly depends upon the foundation type of the house.

Milwaukee and Radon Mitigation

There a number of comapanies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that provide services like Radon testing and Radon mitigation. Many home maintainence companies provide the same services. Some of the best ones are D & D Home services (with 20 years of experience in the field), Comprehensive Home Inspection (with 18 years of experience in radon mitigation and testing services), North central Radon (that has about 40 years of experience in radon mitigation Milwaukee, and are extending their services to other areas too) and Best Radon Solutions LLC (which has great reviews).

There are many tutorials and DIY’s all over the internet that guide on how to install radon mitigation systems yourself. However, it is a risky task and it is best to take professional help from a certified contractor in the field. Milwaukee has some of the best professionals in this regard that have years of experience in removal of Radon from air, in the houses and buildings from that area.