Common Plumbing problems

A well-renowned company providing commercial and residential services in plumbing sector from past 50 years is The Pipe Wrenches. We have a family owned business which was established in 1980 and till then we have been ruling in the market due to the steps taught to us by our founder. We give our customers home feeling and therefore we give personalized services. We not only provide customized services to our customers but also aid in providing them with the top-notch services. We feel honored to be the first choice for our customers and we possess the passion for giving our clients high-quality and satisfying services. Initially, The Pipe Wrenches started off as a small plumbing company located in Toronto but now over the years we have expanded and are serving the Greater Toronto Region.

Some common problems are:

The Burst Pipe:

This serious problem can lead to a flood in commercial and residential areas. Wherever you see any pipe leaking immediately call an expert plumber and report them about the working of the plumbing system. In order to avoid any indoor flood caused by the bursting pipe, it’s wise to have regular maintenance and fixing of the system. If your pipe is being fixed under emergency conditions then it will cost you more as compared to having a non-emergency repair and maintenance. The threats to bad plumbing can be poor water quality, mould and water pressure.

Leaking pipes:

The reason of having mould on the walls of a building and under plumbing units such as toilet or sink is the leaking pipes. The ideal spot for the mould to grow is the moisture inside the walls, basements and under the sink. To stop mould from growing you need to change the old valves, repair the leaking pipes and keep the property dry by keeping the humidity level below 45%.

Poor Plumbing System:

The reason for the bad smell at home could be the poor plumbing systems. There should be a trap for every fixture you have in the home. The common type of trap fixed by plumbers is the P-Trap. The advantage of using P-Trap is to block the sewer gases to come to your home through the drain pipes. A professional plumber will install P-Trap in such a way that it won’t produce bad odor from the drain lines. Most of the times there is trap seal primer are fixed to the traps. By installing this gives the advantage that traps always hold the water so that gasses don’t diffuse into the building.

Let Experts handle the Job

If you want to make sure that there are no marks left on pipe leaking or pipe bursting then you need to acquire the services from any expert plumber from The Pipe Wrenches, who can do all that you require with perfection. All the home plumbing projects can’t be done by yourself you always need the help of a licensed plumber to install and repair plumbing systems in your home and take care of it properly. For this, you need to hire an authorized and registered plumber to solve your problems related to plumbing in your home.