Erectile Dysfunction And Its Role In Health Practices In History

It is often observed that at different junctures of history the concepts of sexuality and sexual prowess differs and this has a variance with different cultures as well.  Thus the subject of erectile dysfunction has been tackled in different ways during different times in history.  But a factor that rides right across the myths and beliefs is the need for the man around the house to be virile at all times.erectile dysfunction

The rock art and such marking on caves that were in use in the pre-historic times point to the great importance that ancient people gave towards proving themselves in bed.  The practice has since undergone a few cultural and social polishing but does not change in character over the many years in practice.

How erectile dysfunction issues were handled by ancient civilizations

            The Chinese: A popular remedy to help people with a weak libido with the Chinese is to have a round of acupuncture.  There would not be a better way of setting right the wrongs with the pecker than a round of needle pricks it would seem.

            The Arabs: Now these guys can be very harsh towards any issues with the pecker.  There would not many Arabs that did not have a bevy of wives and to face a situation of dysfunction would be totally unacceptable.  It was a concoction of the choicest parts of the camel.  That most camels did not take kindly to the treatment only added to the fun of it.

            The Egyptians: For then a bad libido was at best of time evil curse that ended by having a potion made of baby crocodile blood.  There were not too many people that did complain of the possible taste to the concoction but this is not recommended to anyone even if it were absolutely necessary.

Thus with different roles that the libido played in society ensured that a remedy that was more in tune with the belief of the land was used in most instances.  There were not standard practice as such and belief was the key in most instances.

The modern approaches

With modernity came the need to justify the treatment forms to the people getting to using the methods.  Thus you no longer had people clamoring for a cure because people believed in the super natural powers of a particular concoction.  It then became a science so to speak.erectile dysfunction

But it would surprise the onlooker the great importance that folks gave to the ways the pecker behaved so to speak.  That it was a symbol of manhood for centuries and of virility for a good many years too.  Often people thought of a person who can’t perform as one that has gone barren and this can really be offensive the least to the person affected by the curse.

In the end it is more of an approach than anything else.  That cultural ethics played a great role in defining what is normal and what not.