Watch Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage Apne TV

India makes serials with a huge budget. Many people love to watch daily soaps and enjoy the turns and twists in the serials. If you are one of the desi serial lovers, then you would probably watch Kumkum Bhagya, Who Apna Sa, Kuch Rang Pyar k Aisey Bhi and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. In fact, some serials are high in TRP and have a massive audience. People like to see their favorite characters on screen and enjoy the dramas. In this article, we will discuss Yeh Moh Moh K Dhaage Apne TV.

About The Serial:

As we have already stated that Indian serials are famous among people and they love to see their favorite Jodi on the screen while taking dinner. Some serials have a nice story and suspense while some serials are based on some life events of a character. Well, it is quite fun to watch desi serials. Yeh Moh Moh K Dhaage is a Sony TV drama which airs on fine days a week. It started on 21 March 2017 and has completed 89 episodes till now. It is Indian soap opera that has romance and a lot of drama in it.

 It is the story of a young urban girl and a mature village guy who is looking for a bride. The girl is helping him in finding a perfect bride for him. The two come to know each other, and later they get married due to the circumstances. The girl is an ambitious person and wants to become rich. While as the guy is a respected and mature person.  Both are poles apart but the destiny has played its role, and now they are a couple. Well, it is an unusual love story in which the guy is 42 years old from a village, and the girl is 22 years old from the city.


·             Raidhan Raj Katara     Ijaz Khan

·             Arundhati    Katara      Niyati Fatnani

·             Mishri Katara                 Rima Ramanuj

Hindi Dramas:

The Indian dramas have huge budgets. They spend a lot of money on making sets where they daily shoot the drama. The problem with the Hindi serials is that they separate from track soon and sometimes add weird concepts in the drama. Loss of memory due to an accident or the plastic surgery track is like an essential in Hindi serials. Though people get bored of watching such serials but still they have many viewers. In fact, we must say that the Indian producers know how to grab the attention of the viewers and engage them. This is the reason Hindi serials do not end soon, and the turns and twists in the dramas continue for many years.

Hindi serials take a very good start in the beginning and get TRP soon, but later the writers start dragging the story which people do not like. However, Indian dramas are not only seen in the India but some Pakistanis especially the housewives also watch popular Hindi Serials