What if an American director gets an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film?

It is needless to say how important it is to get an award. The awards are not a piece of metal or any other material. It is a recognition of the work an artist does in the entire year. Every actor and actress wishes to get the awards for each project he/she does. But not every performance can win the awards. Only those performances win the awards that were given by heart. The academy awards are also one of the most popular and prestigious awards the Hollywood actors and actresses wish to succeed.

The Most Prestigious Award “Oscars”:

You are working in an office, and the most prestigious award in your office is the employee of the year. You work hard the whole year to make sure that you are the winner of that award. The Oscar is one of the most prestigious awards in the Hollywood industry, and people try their best to give extraordinary performances so that they could get that award. But not everyone can win the Oscar. There will be the other nominees as well, and only that person will be able to win the award who has given the performance better than the other nominees.

There are various categories of the academy awards that include the best director, best actor, best supporting actor, etc., etc. One of the essential categories is the academy award for best foreign language film.


The film should not be in English, and if it is, then it will not be able to qualify for the category of the award for best foreign language film. In simple words, the dialogues of the film must be in a foreign language, at least half of the film dialogues.

Also, the film should not be produced by the American production companies. The name of the award signifies it must be a foreign film. The movie whether it is American or international must be played consecutively for seven days in the theater in America. Otherwise, it will not be able to qualify for the awards.

Now you may be thinking that every country produces numerous films every year. Will they submit each movie? No, not at all because if it is so then, there will be thousands of the films in one category. The academy allows every country to submit only one film every year. Just that movie will be accepted that fulfills all the requirements for submission.


There are several categories in the academy award as explained above; one is the best director as well. The directors try their best to make beautiful films that could get nominated. The producers also find opportunities to make big budget movies to ensure success. Producer Robert Simonds Partners with China’s Hony Capital to get the new opportunities. If you are a Hollywood movies fan, then you should follow the academy awards every year to know at what point your favorite movie actor and actress have reached.