You are Our Priority

Fair Practice Policy

Rental Car Dubai believes in having fair practice policy with their customers.  That is why we try our best to be fair, and never charge more from our clients who are willing to have car rentalservices.

  • We facilitate our customers to pay their fines online, so as to avoid service charges
  • If there is a hit and run accident then we charge for each panel only
  • We don’t charge for small dents and scratches, until and unless they are not visible from 2 meters.

Hassle Free Rental

If you want to have car rental then we can provide you with following services free of hassle

  • Free delivery and Pick up
  • Free replacements for any vehicle parts
  • Renewal of rent at your doorstep
  • Fines update through messages

Online Program Working

Online affiliation programs are very simple for working. The moment you advertise links on the website, you will get paid the commission percentage each time a client clicks on the link. Our company pays all the new car rental affiliates a total of 3% commission for each successfully accomplished car rental booking referred from your link. These rates for commission are not final, they can be negotiated for high performers. If the number of successfully completed car rentals increases after being referred by your website, your commission can also increase as well.

We as a company keep a check on all the attribution and monitor all the transactions with the help of commission junction. On the other hand as an affiliate, you will also have access to advertising materials and resources. Our online affiliation program is absolutely free of cost. We do not have any hidden charges.


                Car rental agencies make sure that their fleet of cars is always in excellent condition so that the customers do not have to worry about their vehicles if they break down. Even if it happens they provide you with numbers to whom you can contact for assistance. Although if they find out that the vehicle cannot be repaired in a short time, then the agency provides you with another car without any extra charges.


                When you hire call for yourself it gives you the freedom to move around and navigate at your own pace. You are the captain of your ship. You can make your own schedule and move accordingly. It can free you from hassle and stress of keeping up with the public transport’s schedule. Rented cars provide you with comfort and peace of mind on your vacations.

Quality Service:

                There are many car rental companies around offering their services for you to acquire. Even when you arrive at the airport you will find various car rental services at your disposal. Not only this when you move out of the airport you will other car rental services that provide you vehicles at very low prices. They even offer free shuttle service to connect their head offices with the airport. Although public transport is cheap, it is never easy and comfortable enough for one to use this service especially when bus stops are far from the hotel where you are staying.