Reasons why a new roof installation over an old roof is a wonderful idea

You might need a new roof and looking to save some money at the same time. Vancouver roofers suggest a new roof could be installed over an existing roof. This is a common technique that is adopted in most areas and roofing contractors foresee no major problems in this. They have no problems in telling the home owners that a layer on top is the best choice as this method is termed as. Hold on! It is not a good idea

Some reasons why roofers Vancouver advocates a roof on top is not a sensible bet.

Areas which are prone to leaks cannot be addressed in a proper manner

The chances are on the higher side that your old roof does have some problem and it would include leak spots. This is whether you notice them or not. If you do not tear off the old roof and figure out from which area the leak is emerging, it would virtually be impossible to figure out which area of the roof would need more attention.

The rotten wood that is lying under the roof is going to get worse

In the roof there are areas where rotten wood accumulates. Before you plan to install a new roof this issue needs to be addressed. Roofers Vancouver only covers the top and the wood that lies beneath is going to rot all the more.

Valleys and rakes need special mention

This is important as rakes along with valleys need a lot of importance when a new roof is installed. This is all the more so when the roof is installed in colder climates.

Extra weight

The major problem that is faced with a new roof is the extra weight of the shingles. In case of new homes t

his does not pose much of a problem, but old homes are incorporated with rafters which is undersized by modern standards. A 2 * 6 rafter is seen in most of the old houses and in most cases you would rate it to be undersized. This is taking into consideration the fact that you would need be keen to extra weight on top of the existing roof. In case of new roofs the weight being on the higher side this is not an issue as per Vancouver roofers

The life expectancy of the roof reduces

Most contractors are of the view point that a laid off roof is going to reduce the shelf life of the roof by 25 %.


These are some of the major reasons why it is better to lay off the old roof and then install a new one. It may seem to be cost effective in the short run, but the long term implications are tedious. It is suggested that clients do keep away from it. The golden rule would be to completely remove the old roof, solve any major issues and then go on to install a new roof.