How to find the best kitchen exhaust cleaners near you with sound technology?

Beware of Best Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Marketing, best only in Marketing


Disclaimer: The technology we are about to witness isn’t rocketing science, it’s just Google science, from the minds of an internet savvy, from the shoes of a restaurant owner in, seek of a kitchen exhaust cleaners much nearby, but with the most sought-after reputation amongst fellow commercial kitchens, however at much lowest cleaning charge possible ever (!)

Despite the most skilled professionals in the team with modern technology in practice mandatory!

What most of you, the Restaurants do, if the kitchen hood cleaners requirement arouse, either a brand-new need or a replacement for the current? Some familiar ways of identification would be

– Referrals from fellow people in business, but a competitor are cleaner! Please NO.

The big chain of Restaurants like Dominos has them cleaning men and secret technology, better to move onto way #2

– Advertisements – Printed Banners, Giant Billboards, TV Commercials

Advertising spree cleaners cover massive regions, 99% never nearby, unless you are the lucky 1% to have their subordinate (!) branches close

Those are the ways from one-half of the commercial kitchens while the other half believe in the Internet. They Google it. They are smart, yet not as bright as Google marketers deceiving them with skills.

So, how to search on Google for cleaners, say for, e.g. kitchen hood cleaners and yet stay away(!) which you can’t but still stay awake from fake promotions

Bonus Q3: How to sort down the search by nearby cleaners first

Bonus Q4: How to find the best quality service, provider

Let’s get down to a level 1 of Google search

When I begin to search for kitchen exhaust cleaning, even before I complete, suggestions* arise.

*Google suggestions may vary with regions and users

These aren’t blind suggestions; tips that come up are the aggregate of all searches with regards to the associated industry of the user’s search term at that moment, the ten representatives.

Bonus: Understand how big the cleaning industry is, by the suggested search for job and salary in the top three.

The above bonus aside, apparently a restaurant’s need amongst the suggestions would/should be ‘kitchen exhaust cleaning company’ which is kind but not smart; Look beneath.

Here is the smart tip!

Bonus A3: If you want to look for cleaners nearby, go for the next best suggestion, “kitchen exhaust cleaning near me”. On acceptance of an invitation to know your location, Google identifies where you search from, and who are the kitchen exhaust cleaners near you. You could find the cleaning companies’ place on Google Map, their address, direction towards and how distant they are.

Not just that! Here is the next smart tip!

Bonus A4: You could also find client ratings & reviews on every cleaner if written.

It aids you to identify the best in quality, though the authenticity of ratings & reviews is questionable, as it is open to all that includes a cleaner’s competitor and the cleaner himself.

Additionally, websites of several cleaners can be visited to know more about a cleaner’s history, excellence, and range of services offered such as kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, floor polishing. Etc.

Of course, there do exist some age-old Yellow page websites, but just obsolete. No other database is as updated as Google, the mother of all. Google, the Samaritan, yet derives user reviews and ratings from trustworthy yellow page websites like Yelp and Facebook for business.

Options are plenty to go with, more than hundreds of search results available in the form of websites in pages next. Next. Next, below the Map listings. Results were whole years ago before the arrival of SEO.

It’s Search Engine Optimization, optimising websites, manipulating indeed, to outrank competitors, gain the top position on Google searches to obtain hundreds and hundreds of business leads per day, let’s say cleaning inquiries. But not to be afraid, Google fights it now and then with artificial intelligence, programmed with intelligent algorithms, to rank the deserved-on top, to maintain its credibility, and to provide the best experience for its users.

The Backdoor

However, despite fighting with lousy SEO (good SEO is encouraged), Google has opened a window for the bad and the non-SEO websites to target the public in the name of digital advertising. You need to know that while SEO yields you the best results, it is the most time-consuming process; A period of minimum three months is required to sit on top, regardless of bad or good.

Google, the most prominent search engine with millions and millions of searches (from users) every microsecond across the globe, earns the maximum revenue by advertising; Auctioning ads every microsecond to advertisers in need through its software tool.

Your search for ‘kitchen exhaust cleaning’ on entering opens the Google’s search results page for your query. The Map listings and the websites below discussed earlier are all organic, but lies high above all, the Inorganic, ADs.


The first 3-5 positions on the Results page are allotted to Ads. You could find a tiny remark of ‘Ad’ preceding every website advertised. Not many would take time to ignore these Ads, after all, they earn Google the highest revenue.

Not just this, your internet behaviour is tracked by every website you visit with permission granted by you in some instance. Advertisers retarget you with customised ads to remarket their service/product, in partnership with Google that provides all the guidelines for websites to track user behaviour, publishers to publish, and advertisers to advertise.

This isn’t just with Google, and it’s also with Facebook, it’s with every website that seeks for revenue with the number of users they attract monthly/daily/hourly. It is how the internet technology serves us and hopes this article helped you on how to stay smart and away from the unwanted.

So, the next time, you query Google with a search term, thank

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