Print profits – An evolution

Print profits are the brainchild of Fred Lam, the serial entrepreneur with a thrust on online business and digital marketing. In fact, there is a whole series of print profit videos where he delivers lectures on how to set up a shop for on-demand printing and maximize returns on that. It is a training course on how to set up an on-demand print business. You can go through Print profits review to have some idea about the training. The training course is divided into 8 modules which include case studies, templates, blueprint formulae etc. After the training, you will come to know how to build a business from zero riding on the wave of on-demand printing. You can learn the technique in just 3 easy steps. There are three phases of this training – free course material, workshop and print profits summit. The biggest advantage of this training is that you will learn how to do business without spending even a penny. How it is possible that you do business and earn profits without even spending a penny. This is possible since the business would be driven by the idea of drop shipping. Now what is that?Fred lam reviews would be of a lot of help

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a method of retail business where the merchant does not need to maintain an inventory. So as you get an order you order a supplier to complete the order. You just need to ship the product to the customer. As you don’t need to maintain an inventory you need not incur a penny on stock and warehousing. Go through the Print profits review to know more about drop shipping in print profits. So that saves a lot of money. You have to purchase the products from a third party and ship it directly to the customer. So you never see the product. However, when it comes to print profits, you do know the design, though you may not see the ultimate product. So how does drop shipping works in the case of print profits?

Drop shipping in print profits

You need to go through Print profits review to understand how it works. First of all you n

eed to build a Shopify account. This is a very efficient e-commerce platform where you don’t need to think about taking orders or hosting the e-commerce site. You just need to have an account in Shopify. Now, the whole business of on-demand printing is standing on the craze for this. People want customized Tee shirts, jewelry, bed sheets etc. You just need to fulfill the orders. But how do you do that. You have to hire a graphic designer who is quite good at designing. If you yourself are good at it, that saves more money. You get the printing orders from the customers and tell your graphic designer to design along the customer’s needs. Once the designer is ready with the design and you are happy with it, you just need to send the design to the third party manufacturer. The manufacturer will design the material according to the design and ship the product to you. There are a number of Print profits reviews which detail the procedure. Now you just need to ship the product to the customer.